menolly_au (menolly_au) wrote,

Easter Basket Challenge

This is my Easter basket for the easter basket challenge suggested by  flywoman

Favorite Characters: House, Wilson, Cuddy (sometimes)

'Ships that sail for you: 
House/Wilson, House/Wilson/Cuddy, House/Cuddy (if it isn't anything like canon House/Cuddy)

Friendships and platonic relationships:  
Same as above, and any combination of cast characters is fine (including the amazing disappearing child) although I prefer any story to have House in it (or if he's not in it then it's still All About Him)

Prompts - words, song lyrics, or just the premise of a story you've always wanted to see written:
Anything that deals with issues raised in canon that are thereafter completely ignored in canon
Mayfield era
House's pain/drug use/psychological issues/childhood issues
House/Wilson dialogue/snark.
House and Wilson enjoying each other's company, having fun together.
Outside POV
House's Mom
For kink I like BDSM stories with Wilson in charge :)

Anything to avoid? Please no spoilers beyond aired episodes. No angst involving Taub - including any mention of Taub's wife :) 

Which ratings are you okay with? 
Any, if it's NC-17 I'd like it be for my kink though :)
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