menolly_au (menolly_au) wrote,

Double Drabble : Without

Title: Without
Characters: House/Wilson
Rating: PG
Words: 200 (Double drabble)

Summary: When you've lost everything all you can do is hold on to each other. Set in the same universe as Enough but later in the timeline.

Written for Sick!Wilson Bingo challenge - prompts are blanket, piano, sun, power outage, dream.

Wilson stirs as he feels a blanket settle over him. In the moonlight coming through the broken window he can just make out House's drawn features.

"We need to move on in the morning, if you can," House says quietly. They always speak quietly now.

Wilson nods. He knows. It's not safe here. It's not safe to stay in one place for long. His broken arm aches fiercely but they haven't been able to scavenge any pain meds for weeks now. They're both hurting but they'll pack up what little they have and move out when the sun comes up.

"I'll make some pancakes," he jokes weakly. He wishes he could. He wishes that they were back in Princeton. Before. When life was simple and easy, and they didn't realise it. He'd give anything to be back in House's apartment, listening to him play the piano or watching trashy television shows.

There's no power, and lighting a fire is dangerous, and there won't be any pancakes.

House joins him on the worn mattress and Wilson arranges the blanket so it covers both of them. They lie in silence, their bodies pressed together.

When he falls asleep he dreams of home.

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