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Fic: Now, This

Authors: petitecuriosity and  menolly_au
Title: Now, This
Characters: House/Wilson/Cuddy
Rating: NC-17 (Explicit sex)
Words: 3500

Summary: On the morning after the crane disaster House, Wilson and Cuddy wake up in House's bed. Things progress from there. A sequel to What You Need

Author's Note This fic was co-written with petitecuriosity.

Light peeked through the curtains of House's bedroom, illuminating the hardwood floor and casting warmth over his bed. With Wilson and Cuddy turned on their sides and facing House, it was easy enough to accommodate three people. Wilson grunted, blinking open his eyes, and squinting as the bright light invaded his vision. He awoke to the sight of his arm tucked beneath House's neck, his hand resting on Cuddy's hip. House's head lay across Cuddy's breasts, her arm resting against House's. Wilson glanced down to see Cuddy looking up at him, her cheeks delicately flushed, and a smile on her face.

“Morning,” she greeted in a whisper.

“Morning,” Wilson replied, his own face breaking into a smile. He glanced over at the clock, eyes widening as his mind caught up with him and registered the time.

“It's nine A.M.”

“I know,” Cuddy replied. “We're late.”

Wilson couldn't recall a time when he'd seen Cuddy appear so relaxed. Her hair lay softly across her shoulders, her eyes appeared warm and calm. The fact that they were late didn't seem to be bothering her at all. They were supposed to have been at work an hour ago. Well, Cuddy and he were. House wasn't due in for another two hours. Or more. Wilson ran a hand over his eyes.

“We could always call out,” Cuddy told him, craning her neck a bit. Her current position didn't allow for much movement without the risk of waking House.

Wilson blinked at her dumbly. “Call out? Two...department heads and the Dean of Medicine?”

“It wouldn't be the first time,” Cuddy reminded him. “We've had to attend conferences before.”

“I...don't think this really qualifies,” Wilson responded doubtfully, gazing down at House.

“What? You think they're going to refuse?” Cuddy quirked an eyebrow.

Wilson laughed softly, shaking his head. “No, I suppose they couldn't. If it's an official order from the dean.”

Cuddy smirked up at him, causing Wilson's heart to flutter a little. House and Cuddy could both be just as determined and stubborn as one another when they wanted to be. Cuddy slid her cellphone off of House's nightstand, shifting slightly as she tried to slip away from where House was laying on top of her. She felt his fingers curl into her blouse in protest. She bit her lip, glancing up at Wilson.

Wilson swallowed thickly, feeling an ache rise in his chest. He knew that House was still afraid of them leaving, not entirely certain that they were really even there at all.

“You've got unlimited texting, right?” Wilson provided.

Cuddy sighed, nodding as she sent a series of texts to her secretary, the clinic, the front desk, and several important departments.

She placed her phone back on the nightstand, carding her fingers through House's hair.
He pressed into her touch and leaned back into Wilson. Wilson peered down at him.

“How long have you been pretending to sleep?” Wilson questioned.

“Still sleeping,” House mumbled, keeping his eyes shut.

Wilson merely shook his head. He winced, extracting his arm from where it lay numbly beneath House's neck. He bit his lip in hesitation before resting his hand on House's arm, brushing his thumb along the bone of House's wrist.

House opened his eyes slowly and looked from one to the other of them. His gaze travelled down to where Wilson was stroking his wrist, and across to where Cuddy had her fingers entangled in his hair. He shook his head slightly and closed his eyes.

"House?" Wilson exchanged a concerned glance with Cuddy. "It's okay. You're not hallucinating."

"No, the two of you just randomly decided that a House sandwich was something you've been craving all your life."

Wilson chuckled softly. "Who said anything about a House sandwich? Maybe a Wilson roll would go down better."

"Hey, who decided the boys get to be in the middle?" Cuddy added, giving Wilson a gentle smack with her free hand. "I have first dibs."

House opened his eyes again, reluctantly cracking a smile. "This is crazy, you know that."

Cuddy stroked the side of his face and then leaned in closer, gently kissing him on the lips.

"It would be crazy not to do this," she said when she'd pulled away. "When we all want it so much. There's a reason we've all been circling around each other the last few years."

"Lucas... "

She shook her head. "He's a kind, sweet man, but he's not what I want. I realise that now. I gave him back his ring last night, before coming here."

"Because I hacked a woman's leg off and killed her?" House's voice was rough, the raw pain still there from his experiences the day before.

"No, because I realised that it was you I loved." She looked over at Wilson. "The both of you. Together. Always together."

"And this is what you want?" House was looking at Wilson as well. "Not the wife and two kids that you've been chasing your whole life?"

"Well," Wilson shrugged. "I always wanted to try a threesome."

"And Sam?"

"I don't think she'll want to join."

"I meant --"

"House," Wilson said, "shut up." To drive his point home he leaned in and kissed House, covering the same territory Cuddy had. House's eyes went wide and then he hesitantly returned the kiss before breaking away with a gasp.

For the first time Wilson looked uncertain.


House's hand went down to his thigh, fingers rubbing at the scar.

"Are you in pain?" Cuddy sat up and looked around instinctively for House's Vicodin before remembering.

"I'm always in pain," House snapped. "Yesterday didn't help. Fuck!"

"Would that help?" Wilson got off the bed and stood by House's side.

"Bastard." House was fumbling around for his ibuprofen and finding the bottle he gulped down three pills. Not that they would help much but it was a familiar, comfortable action. He screwed himself around to the edge of the bed and sat there, rubbing his thigh while the other two looked down at him.

"Still want to try that threesome?" he asked.

Cuddy smiled gently down at House. “Maybe when your leg’s feeling better,” she said softly, stroking the hair from his forehead.

House tensed under her touch. “Leg pain’s always a problem. Always going to be. The question is, is that going to be a problem for you?”

Cuddy bit her lip, seeing the vulnerability in House’s gaze. She looked up helplessly at Wilson.

Wilson appeared thoughtful for a moment, eyebrows knitting together in concentration. He nodded decisively before slipping a hand beneath House’s back. “Take the other side, would you?” he instructed Cuddy.

House quirked an eyebrow curiously at Wilson. “This some weird position from the Jewish Kama Sutra?”

Wilson merely rolled his eyes in reply as Cuddy and he lifted House to his feet. Wilson held most of House’s weight against him as they helped House to the bathroom. Wilson slipped both arms around House, clutching him closely against his body, the proximity making his heart race. House’s cheeks turned pink. “Could you turn on the water, please?” Wilson asked Cuddy.

Cuddy nodded, reaching over into the bathtub to turn on the tap. Wilson sat House down on the toilet. He curled his fingers beneath the hem of House’s shirt, able to feel House’s breath catch as fingers met skin. He gazed down at House, feeling his cheeks flush at the intense eyes staring back at him. He slipped House’s t-shirt up and off, unable to keep himself from staring at House’s bare chest. It wasn’t as if this were the first time he’d seen House without a shirt. They’d gone swimming together in the past and he’d had to help him change during the infarction.

But this was different.

This wasn’t out of convenience. This wasn’t out of necessity. This was out of want.
“Bathtub’s full,” Cuddy said quietly, breaking Wilson out of his daze. He looked over at Cuddy before indicating House’s pajama pants with his eyes.

Cuddy swallowed thickly, stepping over to House and placing her hands on his hips. House leaned against her, his nose brushing her shoulder.

“You smell nice,” he told her softly.

Cuddy smiled at that, pulling down House’s underwear and pajama pants, taking them off. House curled in on himself a little, feeling exposed as Cuddy and Wilson remained clothed.

“Come on,” Wilson urged him in a whisper, lifting House to his feet and guiding him toward the bathtub.

With Cuddy’s help, Wilson managed to ease House into the warm water. House sighed with relief as the water caressed his aching thigh. Wilson dropped to his knees, placing his hands on the back of House’s shoulders.

“Just relax,” Wilson whispered, his lips brushing the back of House’s neck.

House shivered, his eyes falling shut as he nodded. Wilson’s fingers were a bit hesitant at first as they squeezed and pressed at the tense muscles. As he watched House relax beneath his touch, his fingers became a bit more bold, kneading the muscles with more certainty. Wilson leaned forward again, pressing his lips to House’s back.

A shudder fell from House’s lips as Cuddy’s fingers gently grazed his chest. She dragged them lightly across his pectorals, offering extra attention to his nipples. She watched in awe as they hardened beneath her barely there touch. Wilson grew bolder still as he trailed kisses along House’s back, returning to his neck and biting down. House moaned in reply. Cuddy breathed out shakily, stroking over House’s ribs and stomach, his skin warm to the touch. When she reached the edge of his hip, House tensed. He looked up at Cuddy nervously, her finger mere inches from his thigh. Cuddy looked up at him sadly.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Wilson slipped an arm around House’s chest. “It’s alright,” he whispered against House’s ear.

House shifted slightly in the tub, nodding as Cuddy’s hand drifted lower. He groaned, pressing into her touch as it reached his cock.

As Wilson’s hands continued to move expertly over House’s back, his shoulders, his neck, Wilson could feel the tension drain from House. He could feel every shiver, the way House’s heart pounded, and the sharp intake of breath as Cuddy’s fingers encircled House’s cock.

House felt lost in sensation; the wet warmth of Wilson’s breath and the solidity of his touch, the gentleness of Cuddy’s fingers and her assured grip around him. The heat of the water was soothing his pain and the touch of his friends' hands was healing the ache in his heart that had been there for years. He was still half convinced that this wasn't real - that it couldn't be real. Nothing this good could be trusted.

He thrust himself into Cuddy's hands and heard her soft laugh as she increased the pressure and her pace. He stopped all conscious thought as he surrendered to the twin pleasures of Cuddy and Wilson's expert touches. The last of the pain slipped away as he felt his climax building. With an inarticulate shout that might have been a warning, or might have been an expression of unbearable pleasure, he came hard into Cuddy's hands.

He started to slip down to the water's surface but felt strong hands holding him in place. Wilson had him.

"When you nagged me all those years about alternative methods of pain relief why didn't you tell me you meant this." He said when he had his breath back. He felt languidly exhausted and drained of every last drop of energy. After the anguish of the day before, he felt a fragile pleasure. Too new to be tested, but a drop of hope where there hadn't been any.

Wilson ran light fingertips over his back as he recovered, his touch ghosting here and there. House relished every touch of those hands - they felt as comforting as he always imagined they might do. Cuddy had let him go and was now running some more water into the bath, replenishing the heat. House's eyes followed her movements, admiring those curves that had so enticed him decades ago and which he'd let slip through his fingers. Maybe he hadn't been ready then. Maybe he was ready now. To accept both of them into his heart.

He glanced up and behind him to see Wilson admiring the view as well. Their eyes met and they shared a possessive smile. Ours.

Cuddy glanced up and saw them watching her. Her expression was one of amusement as she noticed the direction of their eyes.

"You don't have to just stare, boys. Not any more."

"The Make-a-Wish people finally came through," House quipped. Between the pain, his medication, the orgasm and the warm water lapping his body, he felt languid and boneless. His further contribution was going to be minimal, but he didn't see why they couldn't continue without him - he had eyes. He stood up out of the water, catching them by surprise. The water dripped off his long body and for once he wasn't self-conscious of the scar that ruined his thigh. They'd see it, they'd seen all of him and they were still here.

He reached for a towel and wrapped it around himself, stepping out of the bath and taking a seat on the end furthest from the shower head. He reached over and pulled out the plug, draining the water.

"Shower is free. You two are a bit overdressed."

Wilson stared at him, instant anxiety in his eyes but Cuddy pulled him close and kissed him until he was breathless. She slipped his shirt off his shoulders, laying delicate kisses along his chest, and teasing at his nipples. His pants came next and by this time he was returning the favor, her clothes joining his in an untidy puddle on the floor. When they were both naked, House looked them over appreciatively. He'd seen Cuddy before of course, and had glimpses of Wilson, but now he could openly admire them both and marvel that the two of them were here, like this, with him.

Cuddy turned the water on and they stepped under the showerhead. There wasn't much room but they pressed against each other and let the water cascade around them. Wilson slipped his fingers inside Cuddy, and she stroked his cock to hardness.

Despite his exhaustion House felt himself beginning to stir again as he watched them. Underneath the towel he played his own hand over his cock in a lazy counterpoint to their sex.

Wilson was every inch as Bonnie had described him, his attention so focused on Cuddy he didn't appear to even be aware of House watching them. House found that focus of attention on someone else's needs both alien and compelling.

Cuddy on the other hand was putting on a show. Her body writhing this way and that, taking everything that Wilson was giving her and making sure that House knew exactly how good she was. This was the Cuddy of his pole dance fantasies. This was the Cuddy he'd sparred with for years, the woman who excited him like no-one else ever had. As Wilson fed his soul, Cuddy fed his body.

When Wilson lifted her up against himself and entered her in one quick motion House thrust with him, his hand quickening on his own cock.

Cuddy gasped Wilson’s name, her fingers grasping at his hair as Wilson pressed Cuddy against the shower wall. His thrusts were rhythmic and direct, his fingers slick with water as he worked them expertly between Cuddy’s legs. His mouth was just as attentive, licking small circles over her nipples, mouthing at every inch of hot, wet skin.

House groaned, thumbing slowly over the head of his cock, wanting to draw this out.

Cuddy clawed at Wilson’s back, her fingers sinking into his hips and drawing him forward, wanting him to melt into the pleasurable heat along with her. He shuddered as Cuddy’s lips met his neck, nipping at his skin. His thrusts grew faster then, pulling Cuddy closer against him, his head growing fuzzy as he quickly felt himself approaching release.

House grunted, his hips lifting ever so slightly off the toilet seat as he thrust carelessly into his own hand. He could feel Wilson’s moans at the base of his spine, as he heard them bounce of the tiled walls, nearly feel the wetness between Cuddy’s legs as he watched Wilson slide into her. He nearly lost it when he realized that Wilson was staving off his own pleasure in order to make Cuddy come first.

She cried out sharply, her fingernails raking down Wilson’s back, leaving delicious lines of wanton red in their wake. Wilson wasn’t far behind, coming with a deep groan as he buried his face against Cuddy’s hair, thankful for the support of the shower wall as his knees buckled slightly. With a few more short strokes, House spilled over a trembling hand, eyes never leaving the sight of a flushed Wilson and Cuddy, drenched in a curtain of hot water.

To Wilson’s credit, he managed to keep Cuddy balanced while he reached over to turn off the tap. Without the running water, the sound of broken, shallow breaths was amplified, the three of them joined in a symphony of pleasure. Wilson gently set Cuddy down on her feet, before his arms were wrapped tightly around her, placing soft, frantic kisses over her cheeks.

Cuddy smiled up at him through heavy lidded eyelashes. She slipped a towel around each of them before stepping out of the shower, walking toward House. She leaned down to kiss lips. House’s arms wound around her tiny waist, his tongue slipping into her mouth as he deepened the kiss. Cuddy’s fingers came to rest around the base of House’s neck as Wilson too stepped out of the shower.

He began walking back toward the bedroom when he felt a tug at his towel. He turned around to see Cuddy poised on House’s left leg, her cheek tucked against House’s neck, and a look of vulnerability in House’s eyes. Wilson swallowed thickly, rooted to the spot by House’s gaze. He stepped toward House, slipping an arm around House’s shoulders, nearly shivering at the press of warm bare skin against his own.

Wilson leaned down, lightly brushing his lips against House’s, drawing him close. He thumbed along House’s jaw, tilting his head up a bit as he swept the tip of his tongue across House’s bottom lip. House’s hand closed around Wilson’s hip as he pressed his tongue into Wilson’s mouth.

When Wilson pulled away, his gaze was warm, his thumb lightly moving across House’s cheek.

“We should lie down,” he suggested. “No point in three department heads catching a cold.”

"Is that what your mother told you?" House managed, his voice hoarse.

"Strangely enough the topic of what you should do after having mindblowing sex in a bathroom with your best friend and your boss never came up." Wilson tugged at House, helping him to his feet. "Come on, let's go and get dried off."

They ended up back in House's bed, comfortably pressed against each other. Cuddy had made calls to both the hospital and Marina, ensuring that no catastrophes were happening in her absence and Wilson had checked in with his department. When they were on their second round of calls, House had threatened to throw both phones out the window and they'd put them away.

"We should get something to eat," Wilson mumbled. He didn't really want to move but it was almost noon, and it seemed like something they should do.

"Later," House said languidly. He appeared ready to spend the whole day in bed. He'd had another dose of painkillers and Cuddy had redressed the wound on his shoulder. He looked tired but content, or as content as House could ever look. Sometimes Wilson saw him looking at them, as if he could scarcely believe that they were there. Wilson couldn't blame him, he could barely believe it himself. He reached out and touched Cuddy's hand lightly and she returned the pressure with a smile.

"We will," she said, answering his question. "Just, not now. Later."

Later. Later, there would be a lot of things to be resolved. Where this would go, how they would make it work. How people would react, how things would go at work. He needed to tell Sam it was over for the second time, and Cuddy would have to figure out what to tell Rachel.

He looked at House and saw that he'd fallen asleep, resting comfortably on his left side. Cuddy was curled up in front of him, Wilson was pressed up behind him.

There were a lot of things to think about. Later.

For now, things were just how he wanted them.


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